Playlist for Tuesday, June 3

The place violinist Cecylia Arzewski would most like to be stranded is Venice. The actress she imagines playing her in a biopic is Greta Garbo. Please join me this Thursday and Sunday evening for The ASO on GPB (details), as long-time Atlanta Symphony concertmaster Cecylia Arzewski gives her final solo performance with her orchestra before retiring: the Violin Concerto by Aram Khatchaturian. Also on the broadcast, Roberto Minczuk conducts Russian favorites, and I speak with both violinist and conductor. In preparation for that show, we hear Cecylia Arzewski and her violin on disc on Midday Music, "playing" the part of the heroine in Rimsky-Korsakov's Sheherazade, today at noon. (By the way, her name is pronounced Cecelia Ahr-ZHEFF-skee.)

Note: Wednesday through Friday, June 4-6, Midday Music will be hosted by Eric Nauert and Russell Wells of GPB member station WSVH Savannah (playlists). See you Monday. - Sarah

11 AM

  • Three tunes from Renaissance Italy. Instruments of the Baltimore Consort. Dorian 90601. (The title of this new CD alludes both to the materials of early classical instruments and to more recent music: "Gut, Wind & Wire.")
  • Handel: Concerto a Due Cori No. 2 in F major. Tafelmusik, Lamon. Sony 63073.
  • Strauss: Violin Sonata in E-flat. Gil Shaham, Rohan de Silva. DG 427 659.
  • Three tunes from Scotland. Instruments of the Baltimore Consort. Dorian 90601.
12 N
  • Russian folk music: Kamarinskaya. Atlanta Balalaika Society.
  • Glinka: Kamarinskaya. Detroit Sym, Jarvi. Chandos 9227.
  • Rimsky-Korsakov: Sheherazade, Symphonic Suite after The Thousand and One Nights. Atlanta Sym Orch, Cecylia Arzewski, Robert Spano.
1 PM
  • Rosetti: Horn Concerto in F major. Zdenek Divoky, Czech Chamber Orch, Kukal. Hanssler 98.383.
  • Vaughan Williams: Suite de Ballet for flute and piano. Jan Vinci, Hugh Sung. Albany 947.
  • Schubert: "Unfinished" Symphony (No. 8 in B minor). Vienna Phil, Kleiber. DG 449 745.