Friday, August 31

Requests Friday with Alan Cooke in Augusta. His playlist appears here as it forms. Call in requests to 877-RADIO-GA. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Thursday, August 30

It's raining conductors! Behind the scenes I've been interviewing music directors from around Georgia about what's in store for 2007-2008. Adrian Gnam of the Macon Symphony, George Del Gobbo of the Columbus Symphony, Donald Portnoy of Augusta, Claire Fox Hillard of Albany and Patricio Cobos of LaGrange have all stopped by GPB to chat. The plan is to deploy a snippet of scintillating conversation on Midday Music as each orchestra concert approaches. I hope you'll enjoy catching the insights and enthusiasm of a maestro near you - and then be inspired to go see him in action.

Speaking of concerts, Friday the Macon Symphony presents guest vocal quartet Spectrum in a pops event, "The Motown Sounds of Spectrum." Details here.

On air, today's Brahms sextet with the Lindsays and the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with Maxim Vengerov look like this. (The Golub-Kaplan-Carr's Dvorak piano trios are out of print but there are other fine performances out there.)

11 AM

  • Prokofiev: Symphony No. 1 in D major, "Classical." Philadelphia Orch, Muti (Philips 432 992)
  • Brahms: String Sextet No. 2 in G major. Lindsays, Williams, Watkins (ASV 4016)
12 N
  • Gershwin: Three Preludes. Emma Johnson, Julius Drake (ASV 800)
  • Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 35. Maxim Vengerov, Berlin Phil, Abbado (Teldec 4509 90881)
  • Veracini: Flute Sonata in A minor. Arita, Arita, Nakano (Denon 18013)
1 PM
  • Barrios: Tango No. 2. Jeffrey McFadden (Naxos 8.557807)
  • Dvorak: Piano Trio in F minor, Op. 65. Golub-Kaplan-Carr Trio (Arabesque Z6726)
  • Champagne: Danse Villageoise. Quebec Sym Orch, Talmi (Analekta 3156)

Wednesday, August 29

Today's lineup - see mug shots above - includes a sparkling Telemann orchestral suite, a mellifluous new recording of the Dvorak Piano Quintet, Haydn's most famous (infamous?) variations, George McKay's evocation of the coastal Pacific Northwest, Saint-Saens's Flood and Mozart's Oboe Concerto.

11 AM

  • Telemann: Orchestral Suite in B-flat. La Stagione Frankfurt (CPO 999 994)
  • Dvorak: Piano Quintet in A major, Op. 81. Ensemble Explorations, Frank Braley (Harmonia Mundi 901880)
12 N
  • Marschner: Hans Heiling Overture. Vienna Phil, Thielemann (DG 474 5022)
  • Haydn: "Emperor" Quartet, Op. 76/3: Variations. Leipzig String Quartet (MDG 307 1362)
  • McKay: Harbor Narrative (1934). National Sym of Ukraine, Williams (Naxos 8.559052)
  • Saint-Saens: Le Deluge, Prelude. Yan Pascal Tortelier, City of Birmingham Sym, Fremaux (EMI 75871)
1 PM
  • Mozart: Oboe Concerto in C major, K. 314. Alexei Ogrintchouk, Concertgebouw Chamber Orch (PentaTone 5186 079)
  • Francaix: Wind Quintet. Imani Wind Quintet (Imani 6227)
  • Liszt: Liebestraum No. 3 in A-flat. Jorge Bolet (London 425 689)

Tuesday, August 28

We hear as much of Simone Dinnerstein's recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations as can fit between newscasts, beginning and ending with the aria. The pianist's name is pronounced Simona Dinnersteen, and as her Telarc CD comes out there are stories about her in Slate and the New York Times. Of her earlier career difficulties, Dinnerstein says: "I do have a particular way of playing, and if you don't like it, you don't like it." See if you like it.

Bach: Goldberg Variations

11 AM

  • Bach: Goldberg Variations (most). Simone Dinnerstein (Telarc 80692)
Also up: Dvorak's Bagatelles, Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy, sacred Josquin and Mendelssohn's C minor trio. These thumbnails link to commercial vendors but please support GPB by ordering through PB-1 (877-448-4719). And lest you fret about storage, I assure you that in real life these albums are all the same size.
The Essential Josquin des Prez

12 N
  • Traditional/Harris: O'Carolan Medley. Aureole (Koch 7660)
  • Dvorak: Bagatelles, Op. 47. Ensemble Explorations, Frank Braley (Harmonia Mundi 901880)
  • Frumerie: Horn Concerto, Op. 70. Ib Lanzky-Otto, Stockholm Phil, Westerberg (Caprice 21400)
  • Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy. Sarah Chang, Berlin Phil, Domingo (EMI 57220)
1 PM
  • Telemann: Orchestral Suite in E-flat. La Stagione Frankfurt (CPO 999 994)
  • Mendelssohn: Piano Trio No. 2 in C minor. Trio Wanderer (Harmonia Mundi 901961)
  • Desprez. Ave Maria...Virgo Serena. The Clerks' Group, Wickham (Gaudeamus 361)

Monday, August 27

For musical parody, check out the third hour of the show. You'll hear Richard Wagner's stormy Overture to The Flying Dutchman - followed by musings by Paul Hindemith on what that piece would sound like in the hands of a hack spa band: "Overture to The Flying Dutchman as Sightread by a Second-Rate Orchestra at the Village Well at 7 o'Clock in the Morning."

If that's not a strong enough visual for you, here's cover art for today's new and recent recordings (Locatelli with Il Giardino Armonico, Beethoven with John O'Conor, Nicolai with Christian Thielemann, Mendelssohn with the Wanderer Trio and Ravel with Bernarda Fink).

11 AM

  • Purcell: Trumpet Overture. Academy of Ancient Music (L'Oiseau-Lyre 444 339)
  • Locatelli: Concerto Grosso, "Arianna's Lament." Il Giardino Armonico (Naive 30399)
  • Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 2. John O'Conor, London Sym, Delfs (Telarc 80675)
  • Traditional, arr. VColeman: Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit. Imani Winds (Imani 6227)
  • Borodin: Polovtsian Dances: Dance of the Maidens. Bavarian, Salonen (Philips 412 552)
12 N
  • Piazzolla: Milonga sin Palabras. Imani Wind Quintet (Imani 6227)
  • Chopin: Scherzo No. 4 in E major. Richard Goode (Nonesuch 79452)
  • Nicolai: Merry Wives of Windsor, Overture. Vienna Phil, Thielemann (DG 289 474 5022)
  • Mendelssohn: Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor. Trio Wanderer (Harmonia Mundi 901961)
1 PM
  • Balakirev/Liapunov: Islamey. Bavarian Radio Sym, Salonen (Philips 412-552)
  • Ravel: Five Greek Folksongs. Bernarda Fink, German Sym Orch Berlin, Nagano (Harmonia Mundi 901932)
  • Wagner: The Flying Dutchman, Overture. Cleveland Orch, Szell (CBS 38486)
  • Hindemith: Overture to The Flying Dutchman as Sightread by a Second-Rate Orchestra at the Village Well at 7 o'Clock in the Morning. Leipzig String Quartet (MDG 307 1362)
  • Wolf: Intermezzo in E-flat. Leipzig String Quartet (MDG 307 1362)

Friday, August 25

Requests with Alan Cooke.

Thursday, August 23

Music series around Georgia start up in earnest in a few weeks, and I'm compiling a master calendar of events to mention on air over the course of the year. Please mail or e-mail me your press releases (GPB, 260 14th Street NW, Atlanta GA 30318; so we know about your community's major classical concerts. Thanks!

Today on air: a lesser-known Bruch violin concerto with James Ehnes, royal Lully with Jordi Savall, heartrendingly sublime final Schubert with thirty-something British pianist Paul Lewis, and Mozart with Christian Zacharias and friends.

Jean-Baptiste Lully: L'Orchestre du Roi Soleil Schubert: Les dernières sonates (The Last Sonatas), D 959 & 960 Piano Quartets No 1 & 2

11 AM

  • Corelli: Violin Sonata in C major, Op. 5/3. Trio Sonnerie, North (Virgin 90840)
  • Bruch: Violin Concerto No. 3. James Ehnes, Montreal Sym Orch, Dutoit (CBC 5207)
  • Lecuona: Aragon (Vals Espana). Thomas Tirino (BIS 754)
12 N
  • Lully: Divertissement Royale. Le Concert des Nations, Savall (Alia Vox 9842)
  • Mussorgsky: Mlada: Festive March. Berlin Philharmonic, Abbado (Sony 62034)
  • Schubert: Piano Sonata No. 21 in B-flat, D. 960. Paul Lewis (Harmonia Mundi 901800)
1 PM
  • Saint-Saens: Romance in F, Op. 36. Tuckwell, Blumenthal (Etcetera 1135)
  • Bach: Orchestral Suite No. 2. Racine, English Chamber Orch, Preston (Novalis 150 088)
  • Couperin: L'Art de Toucher le Clavecin: Third Prelude. Robert Woolley (Chandos 0729)
  • Mozart: Piano Quartet No. 1 in G minor, K. 478. Zacharias, Zimmermann, Zimmermann, Wick (EMI 75874)

Wednesday, August 22

Alan Cooke hosts today. See his playlist here.

Tuesday, August 21

After Felix Mendelssohn's astounding Octet, who wrote the next major work for eight independent string parts? One Johan Svendsen. Norwegian by birth, Svendsen trained in Mendelssohn's own stomping grounds, Leipzig, and that's where he composed the String Octet that opens the show. Hours 2 and 3 take us to sultry Spain (Manuel de Falla's Nights in the Gardens of Spain, for piano, orchestra and a palpable, dark, warm humidity) and religious France (the St. Cecilia Mass by Charles Gounod).

Johan Svendsen: String Octet; Romance; Nielsen: String Quintet Nights in the Gardens of Spain

11 AM

  • Svendsen: String Octet in A major, Op. 3. Academy of St. Martin in the Fields Chamber Ensemble (Chandos 9258)
  • Verdi: Aida: Final Duet. Domingo, Ricciarelli, La Scala, Abbado (DG 447 270)
  • Liszt: Sacred Dance and Final Duet from Aida, after Verdi. Alexadre Dossin (Naxos 8.557904)
12 N
  • Strauss: Don Juan. Vienna Phil, Dohnanyi (London 430 508)
  • Tartini: Violin Concerto in B minor, D. 125. Adriadne Daskalakis, Cologne Chamber Orch, Muller-Bruhl (Naxos 8.570222)
  • Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain. Angela Cheng, Calgary Phil, Graf (CBC 5195)
1 PM
  • Bach/Gounod: Ave Maria. Cheryl Studer, London Sym, Marin (DG 435 387)
  • Gounod: St. Cecilia Mass (Messe Solennelle de Saint Cecilie). Radio France orchestra and choruses, Hendricks Dale, Lafont, Gil, Pretre (EMI 47094)

Monday, August 20

An extramusical detour:

While not exacolly
Comes within an inach
Of being spinach.
Immortal words of Ogden Nash. In the 1 o'clock hour, hear Nash's equally punny rhymes for The Carnival of the Animals.

11 AM
  • Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 3. Royal Phil Orch, Levine (Telarc 80454)
  • Verdi: Brindisi. Joseph Alessi, Warren Jones (Naxos 8.570232)
12 N
  • Korngold: Military March in B-flat. BBC Phil, Bamert (Naxos 8.570232)
  • Ravel: String Quartet in F major. Leipzig String Quartet (MDG 307 1359)
  • Medtner: Skazki, Op. 35. Hamish Milne (Hyperion 67491/2)
  • Telemann: Orchestral Suite in C minor. Berlin Baroque Soloists, Kussmaul (DG 5761)
1 PM
  • Godard: Allegretto. Paula Robison, Charleston Sym, Stahl (Pergola 1032)
  • Beethoven: Violin Sonata No. 4 in A minor. Anne-Sophie Mutter, Lambert Orkis (DG 289 457 619)
  • Saint-Saens: Carnival of the Animals, with poetry by Ogden Nash. Perlman, Katia and Marielle Labeque, Israel Phil, Mehta (EMI 57067)

Thursday, August 16

"Make new friends but keep the old" - that's good advice regarding music as well as people. Today I'm pleased to introduce you (and heck, myself) to several rarely aired works: a sorrowful tribute by Claudio Monteverdi to his late wife, subtitled "Tears of a lover at the grave of his beloved"; chamber music by Georges Onslow, whose colorful father fled first political scandal in England and then countterrevolutionary troubles in France; choral songs by Russian composer-pianist-teacher-scientist Sergei Taneyev; and, from the previous generation, Alexander Borodin's Third Symphony, normally overshadowed by his popular Second. Will these pieces be mere passing acquaintances? Future bosom buddies? You never know if you don't meet 'em.

11 AM

  • Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 7 in F. London Sym, Jarvi (Chandos 8885)
  • Onslow: Sextet for piano and strings in E-flat, Op. 30. Gianluca Luisi, Ensemble Concertant Frankfurt (MDG 603 1442)
  • Taneyev: Twelve Part-Songs on Poems by Jakov Polonsky: Book 1 (Songs 1-4). Voronezh Chamber Choir, Shepel (Etcetera 1158)
12 N
  • Copland: Danzon Cubano. New York Phil, Bernstein (Sony 60571)
  • Ginastera: Homage to Aaron Copland; Danzas Argentinas. Fernando Viani (Naxos 8.557911-12)
  • Telemann: Recorder Concerto in C major, TWV 51:C1. Philip Pickett, New London Consort (L'Oiseau-Lyre 433 043)
  • Borodin: Symphony No. 3 in A minor. Royal Stockholm Phil, Rozhdestvensky (Brilliant Classics box 93348)
1 PM
  • Monteverdi: Sestina, "Lacrime d'amante al sepolcro dell'amata." Delitiae Musicae, Longhini (Naxos 8.555312-13)
  • Schumann, Clara: Valses Romantiques, Op. 4. Susanne Grutzmann (Profil 07065)
  • Pleyel: Periodic Symphony No. 6 in F major. Zurich Chamber Orch, Griffiths (CPO 999 759)

Wednesday, August 15

11 AM

  • Pachelbel: Canon in D. Stuttgart Chamber Orch, Munchinger (London 289 460 250)
  • Ravel: La Valse. Detroit Sym, Jarvi (Chandos 7031)
  • Beethoven: String Quartet in E-flat, Op. 127. Alban Berg Quartet (EMI box 47135)
12 N
  • Villa-Lobos: Francette e Pia. Lydia Kennedy, Frans van Gurp (Etcetera 1154)
  • Dvorak: Symphony No. 7 in D minor. Cleveland Orch, Szell (Sony 63151)
  • Scheidemann: Pavana Lachrymae. Andreas Staier (Harmonia Mundi 901898)
1 PM
  • Serra: Puigsoliu, symphonic poem. El Valles Sym, Brotons (Naxos 8.555871)
  • Leclair: Violin Sonata in A minor, Op. 9/5. Simon Standage, Nicholas Parle (Chandos 0726)
  • Copland: From Sorcery to Science. Eos Orch, Sheffer (Telarc 80583)
  • Higdon: Zaka. eighth blackbird (Cedille 094)

Tuesday, August 14

What, you've never thought of Ludwig van Beethoven and Harrison Ford with the same set of neurons? Here's how some clever marketing person described Beethoven's "Eroica" Symphony for the 1994 recording in our first hour: "a swashbuckling thriller which, for sheer passion, romance, and gusto had to wait for Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark to find its visual counterpoint." (You don't say!)

The third hour goes to Aram Khatchaturian, a Soviet composer of Armenian extraction and sometimes Armenian inspiration. We hear three of Khatchaturian's greatest hits: the raucous, driving Sabre Dance; the gorgeous, melodic Adagio from Spartacus; and his Violin Concerto in D minor, which passes through both the rhythmic and lyrical realms.

11 AM

  • Clementi: Piano Sonata in B-flat, Op. 1/2. Susan Alexander-Max (Naxos 8.557695)
  • Beethoven: Symphony No. 3, "Eroica." Revolutionary and Romantic Orch, Gardiner (Archiv 445 944)
12 N
  • Dukas: Villanelle for horn and piano. Barry Tuckwell, Daniel Blumenthal (Etcetera 1135)
  • Mozart: Horn Concerto No. 4 in E-flat, K. 495. Barry Tuckwell, Royal Concertgebouw Orch, Leitner (RCO box 06004)
  • Verdi: Il Trovatore: Miserere. Rosalind Plowright, Placido Domingo et al. (DG 447 270)
  • Liszt: Miserere from Il Trovatore, after Verdi. Alexandre Dossin (Naxos 8.557904)
  • Lully et al., arr. D'Anglebert, ed. Feuillet: Entree (dances from 1700). Andrew Lawrence-King (Harmonia Mundi 907335)
1 PM
  • Khatchaturian: Gayaneh: Sabre Dance. Cincinnati Pops, Kunzel (Telarc 80625)
  • Khatchaturian: Spartacus: Adagio. Cincinnati Pops, Kunzel (Telarc 60657)
  • Khatchaturian: Violin Concerto in D minor. Itzhak Perlman, Israel Phil, Mehta (EMI 47087)

Monday, August 13

Back to school!

11 AM

  • Barber: School for Scandal Overture. Baltimore Sym, Zinman (Argo 436 288)
  • Traditional: Saint's Delight (When I Can Read My Title Clear). Anonymous 4, Anger, Marshall (Harmonia Mundi 907400)
  • Morley: Dances from The First Booke of Consort Lessons. Morley Consort, Munrow (Testament 1080)
  • Sor: Study in B-flat, Op. 29/1. Narciso Yepes (DG 459 613)
  • Seitz: Student Concerto No. 2. Itzhak Perlman, Juilliard Orch, Foster (EMI 56750)
12 N
  • Telemann: Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst: Lesson No. 17, Oboe Sonata in A. Paul Goodwin et al. (Harmonia Mundi 907152)
  • Millocker: The Beggar Student, medley. Budapest Phil, Sandor (LaserLight 15 046)
  • Harbison: The Violist's Notebooks, selections. Anthea Kreston (Naxos 8.559243)
  • Allegri: Miserere. Tallis Scholars, Philips (Gimell 339)
  • Brahms: Academic Festival Overture. London Sym, Thomas (Sony 45932)
  • Addinsell: Tom Brown's Schooldays Overture. BBC Concert Orch, Alwyn (Marco Polo 8.223732)
1 PM
  • Schutz: Psalm 119: Hey and Vav, "Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutes." Collegium Vocale Gent, Concerto Palatino, Herreweghe (Harmonia Mundi 901895)
  • Bizet: Children's Games. New Zealand Sym Orch, Johanos (Naxos 8.553027)
  • Lawes: Divisions in G minor. Fretwork, Nicholson (Virgin 91187)
  • Bernstein, narr./Beethoven, music: How a Great Symphony Was Written (a lesson on Beethoven's Third). New York Phil, Bernstein (Sony 60692)
  • Sousa: High School Cadets. USAF Heritage of America Band, Graham (Klavier 11131)

Thursday, August 9

If you've seen Amadeus, the urgent syncopations launching today's show will whisk you straight back to the opening rush through the dark streets of Vienna. If you haven't seen Amadeus, well, please, please do. The storyline and the portrayal of Mozart may not be strictly historically accurate, but who cares. Amadeus is an outstanding bit of filmmaking, in my humble opinion and many others', and it sets Mozart's music as a ring sets a gem.


11 AM

  • Mozart: Symphony No. 25 in G minor. Concentus Musicus, Harnoncourt (DHM 75736)
  • Martin: Petite Symphonie Concertante for harp, harpsichord, piano and orchestra. Orch de la Suisse Romande, Jordan (Erato 45694)
  • Saint-Saens: Romance, Op. 51. Lowri Blake, Caroline Palmer (Etcetera 1111)
12 N
  • Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier, Suite. Vienna Phil, Previn (DG 102451)
  • Bruckner: String Quintet in F: Adagio. L'Archibudelli (Sony 66251)
  • Handel: Water Music, Suite No. 2 in D. Boston Baroque, Pearlman (Telarc 80594)
  • Narvaez: Los Seis Libros del Delphin de Musica: excerpts. Eisenhardt (Etcetera 1114)
1 PM
  • Bach: Suite No. 5 in C minor for solo cello. Steven Isserlis (Hyperion 67541)
  • Part: Tabula Rasa. Shaham, Anthony, Gothenburg Sym, Jarvi (DG 289 457 647)

Wednesday, August 8

Just a few weeks till those concert seasons get rolling. If you run a professional classical ensemble or venue in Georgia, please keep Midday Music on your mailing list. I want to know what you're up to and when, so we can tell our listeners. Send info to or Sarah Zaslaw, GPB, 260 14th Street NW, Atlanta GA 30318. Thank you.

11 AM

  • Rimsky-Korsakov: The Tale of Tsar Saltan, Suite. Scottish National Orch, Jarvi (Chandos 10369)
  • Schumann: Fantasy in C major, Op. 17. Jonathan Biss (EMI 65391)

12 N
  • Beethoven: Ruins of Athens, Overture. Berlin Phil, Karajan (DG 427 256)
  • Liszt: Fantasy on a theme from Beethoven's Ruins of Athens. Jeno Jando, Budapest Sym, Ligeti (LaserLight 14 011)
  • Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5, "Emperor." Christian Zacharias, Staatskapelle Dresden, Vonk (EMI 63937, rereleased as 74721)

1 PM
  • Korngold: Sursum Corda. BBC Phil, Bamert (Chandos 9317)
  • Narvaez: Fantasia on the fifth tone. Lex Eisenhardt (Etcetera 1114)
  • Gershwin: Porgy and Bess, Symphonic Suite "Catfish Row." Cincinnati Pops Orch, Kunzel (Telarc 80445)

Tuesday, August 7

Couple of recordings I'd like to point out. The noon hour starts with a chunk of an opera by Richard Wagner - for orchestra. Conductor Loren Maazel's condensation preserves all the Teutonic grandeur with none of those pesky singers. (Just kidding, singers.) Right after that, for contrast, violinist Itzhak Perlman plays Hasidic-inspired music by Bloch. See his twenty-year-old baby face in the second image below? The disc, Perlman Rediscovered, revives tape from his pre-stardom years - and shows he could do that intense Eastern European Jewish thing long before the Schindler's List theme.

Tannhäuser Without Words Perlman Rediscovered

You might also be interested in the budget reissue of Beethoven's clarinet trio, from the start of the show, and the grand new London Symphony concert recording of Sibelius's Second Symphony, from the end.

Brahms: Clarinet Sonatas Nos. 1 & 2; Beethoven: Clarinet Trio Sibelius: Symphony No. 2; Pohjola's Daughter

11 AM

  • Haydn: Symphony No. 65 in A. L'Estro Armonico, Solomons (CBS 39685)
  • Beethoven: Clarinet Trio in B-flat, Op. 11. Peyer, Du Pre, Barenboim (EMI 55674)
  • Finzi: Eclogue. Martin Jones, English String Orch, Boughton (Nimbus 7037)
12 N
  • Wagner/Maazel: Tannhauser without Words: Overture and Act I. Pittsburgh Sym, Maazel (Sony 47178)
  • Bloch: Baal Shem Suite: No. 2, "Nigun." Itzhak Perlman, David Garvey (RCA 62516)
  • Telemann: Concerto in F minor for recorder and bassoon. Pehrsson, McCraw, Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble, Sparf (BIS 617)
1 PM
  • Sibelius: Symphony No. 2. London Sym Orch, Davis (LSO 0105)
  • Shostakovich: Fugue, Op. 87/22. Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet (Channel 19498)

Monday, August 6

Today: a sax quartet, a Schumann string quartet and a brass quintet. Also, spotlights on cello (thrilling Mendelssohn with Mischa Maisky) and clarinet (Poulenc).

I'm especially enthusiastic about these energetic Schumann and Mendelssohn performances
Schumann: String Quartets, Op. 41 / Eroica Quartet Cello Sonatas / Variations / 7 Songs Without Words
and there's nothing else like this haunting take on Bach's Chaconne, from the CD Morimur.
11 AM

  • Francaix: Little Quartet for Saxophones. Saxology (ASV 2090)
  • Schumann: String Quartet No. 3 in A. Eroica Quartet (Harmonia Mundi 907270)
  • Bach/Thoene: Chaconne. Poppen, Hilliard Ensemble (ECM 1765)
  • Saint-Saens: The Swan. Lowri Blake, Caroline Palmer (Etcetera 1111)
12 N
  • Chopin: Bolero in C major. Roland Pontinen (BIS 673)
  • Mozart: Idomeneo: ballet music. Les Musiciens du Louvre, Minkowski (Archiv 6506)
  • Mendelssohn: Cello Sonata No. 2. Mischa Maisky, Sergio Tiempo (DG 289 471 565)
  • Biber: Violin Sonata No. 2 from 1681. Romanesca (Harmonia Mundi 907134.35)
1 PM
  • Crusell: Divertimento in C for oboe and strings. Artved et al. (Naxos 8.557361)
  • Corelli: Trumpet Sonata in D. Guttler, Leipzig Bach Collegium (LaserLight 15 662)
  • Poulenc: Clarinet Sonata. Jonathan Cohler, Randall Hodgkinson (Ongaku 024-102)
  • Evald: Brass Quintet No. 3. Swedish Brass Quintet (BIS 248)

Thursday, August 2

Thanks to Alan Cooke for hosting Wednesday's show. See his playlists here. He'll be back with us Friday as usual for our weekly requests edition of Midday Music.

Two orchestral concerts break up the summer doldrums this Saturday: the Atlanta Symphony performs Holst's Planets (with NASA photos!) and the Rome Symphony offers "Cool Pops."

Now, as for today . . . let's try something new. Instead of providing cover art from discs aired, I'll link you to details directly from the playlist below. Which do you prefer: links from thumbnail art or from text? Write to opine. Thanks.

Please keep in mind that although these links connect you to ArkivMusic or Amazon for the convenient information there, we officially endorse PB-1 as our public-radio-friendly vendor and encourage you to buy through them.

11 AM

  • Holst: The Planets. Berlin Phil, Rattle (EMI 69690). Note: This two-disc recording, The Planets and Asteroids, also includes Colin Matthews' Pluto (however you care to classify Pluto) and other recent pieces inspired by our solar system's smaller objects.
  • Bach: Lute Suite in A minor, BWV 995: Sarabande. Paul O'Dette (Harmonia Mundi 907438)
12 N
1 PM